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Senior Care is the key for Healthy Ageing

Elderly care program is aimed at reducing illness, improving mobility, independence, and confidence in the elderly to improve their quality of life

Cognitive Training
Occupational Therapy
Specialized Diet Plan
Risk Assessment
Bladder and Bowel Movement Assistance
Psychology and Emotional Wellbeing
Regular Health Checkups
Prevention of Falls

Increased confience & independence

Better immunity and overall health

Management of long-term diseases

Improved overall quality of life

Customer rating of 4.9/5

Components of Focused Senior Care Program

Comprehensive Geriatrician led program to address the Medical, Functional and Emotional needs of elders.

Once you enroll into the program, a specialist will assess the baseline status and create a digital health profile

An expert will prepare a care program and a calendar of activities based on your specific needs

The comprehensive care plan will follow all established protocols and record every improvement

Your loved ones will be kept posted about your activities and progress

Why Choose HCAH Senior Care Program?

We consider the special needs of the elderly and offer focused interventions to help them attain optimum physical, functional, and emotional independence.


Doctor Consultation, Health Check ups, and Immunization to help with Memory issues, Vision & Hearing issues, Joint Pain, Bowel & Bladder difficulty, & other health concerns


Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Diet & Nutrition Therapy, and Special Devices to improve strength, mobility, balance, quality of sleep, and ability to perform daily tasks


Psychology & Counselling accompanied with Recreational Therapy to help with issues like loneliness, mood changes, and lack of socialization, & belongingness

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With you, at every step of the way

With you, at every step of the way

Multidisciplinary team of 900+ specialists including doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, dieticians & psychologists.

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Happy patients share their kind words and experiences.

Overall rating

Very helpful and essential services for elderly


We have had an HCAH caregiver at our home for the last nine months. I find this very useful. Elderly couples usually live by themselves these days. The services provided by this organization are very helpful and essential in making their golden years...
comfortable and happier. Best wishes to HCAH.

S.S. Khanna, 51

Impressed with their patience, dedication, and empathy


HCAH caregivers have been taking great care of my bedridden father. I am super impressed with their patience, affection, and empathy towards my dad. I highly recommend their service. They are attending to all his needs, providing medicines on time, a...
nd maintaining his feeding and tracheostomy tubes. They also recommend that I consult with doctors as and when needed. Thank you to all the caregiver attendants serving my dad.

Anup Tripathi, 45

They brought a smile to my face again


My husband was admitted to HCAH Transition Care Center for recovery after a major surgery. We felt very secure and happy at the center because of the optimistic and comfortable environment. All the staff members were very kind and hardworking. The te...
am of doctors was very proficient and always available. My husband recovered very soon under the care of the well-coordinated team of specialized therapists. Everyone worked relentlessly in ensuring his recovery. They brought a smile to my face again. Thanks to the entire team at HCAH. God bless you always.

Yashoda, 65


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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Senior Care Program can address the medical, functional, and emotional needs of elders. This includes chronic diseases, special conditions, and some common issues that elders face as they age- memory, vision, and hearing difficulties, bowel and bladder issues, balance and mobility issues, higher risk of falls, etc.

Our Senior Care program includes a multidisciplinary team supervised by a geriatrician. The program includes assessments of their medical profile, physiotherapy, and meeting of their nutrition, respiratory, and psychological requirements.

Our specialized care centers have a positive, home-like environment for the mental and physical well-being of the residents:

  • Private A.C room with free stay for one attendant
  • 24x7 availability of doctors and nurses
  • Availability of expert therapists for physiotherapy, speech, and swallow therapy, occupational therapy, respiratory therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, and nutritional counselling.

Yes. Our expert will assess the severity of your symptoms and suggest what suits best for your specific needs:the Senior Care program at home or the HCAH care center

HCAH Senior Care program at home covers all aspects of the best quality geriatric care:

  • Trained and Supervised staff on 24/12 hour deployment
  • Virtual/ tele-rehab sessions with expert therapists
  • Comprehensive programs for elderly monitoring
  • Assistance with activities of daily living
  • Intensivist nursing and palliative rehabilitation
  • Administring oral medications on time
  • Drug administration and infusions (Using Ryle Tube, Catheter, etc.)
  • Vaccination, lab tests, and medication review
  • Wound dressing and bedsore care
  • Infection control and quality care
  • Personalized and customizable care plan

Focused Geriatric rehabilitation offered as a part of the HCAH Senior Care Program has several proven benefits:

  • Better management of comorbidities
  • Improvement in physical, functional, and emotional well-being
  • Improvement in cognitive functioning
  • Timely health checkups, lab tests, and risk assessment, as required
  • Specialized diet plan for better immunity and overall health
  • Occupational therapy to enhance the performance of everyday activities
  • Improvement in self-esteem, confidence, and quality of life

Our geriatrician will conduct a baseline assessment and suggest what would work best for your specific needs: A senior care plan at home OR the HCAH care center.

Your primary consultant doctor would know about your current health status and suggest whether you require a dedicated senior care program. Such a requirement could also be mentioned in your annual health checkup report.

Family support is always welcome and it might enhance the engagement for better therapeutic outcomes.

Senior care refers to specialized care tailored to meet the unique needs of older adults. It encompasses a range of services, from home care assistance, medical care, and social support to residential care in assisted living or nursing home facilities.

The 7 physical needs of the elderly include:

  • Nutrition: Balanced meals to maintain health and energy.
  • Exercise: Regular physical activity to maintain strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular health.
  • Medical Care: Regular check-ups, treatments, and medication management.
  • Safety: Measures to prevent falls, injuries, and other hazards.
  • Hygiene: Assistance with personal care, bathing, and grooming.
  • Rest: Adequate sleep and relaxation to rejuvenate the body.
  • Mobility: Support with walking, transferring, and maintaining independence.