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Running 60+ programs for leading pharma companies

Integrate technology.
Improve outcomes.
Grow revenue.

Patients screened, consulted and rehabilitated
Unique patients impacted every year
Free drugs processed yearly through PAP
Doctors integrated in our system

Disease Management

Our disease management programs aim to enhance the quality of care, reduce hospitalizations and costs, and empower patients to take charge of their health.

Patients can manage and track various aspects of your health using in built tracking.

Provides doctors with insights and reports on their patient outcomes, program performance, and quality metrics.

Therapy adherence tracking directly built into the CRM.


We offer screening programs that to identify people who are at risk of developing or having a health condition. We aim to provide accurate, reliable, and timely results that can help make informed decisions.

Create, track and manage various aspects of Camps in the Screening programs.

Quick and streamlined onboarding process to ensure more data gets captured in less time.

Easy camp and visit fulfilment via dedicated Specialist App.

Drug Distribution

We manage our drug distribution with the utmost care and professionalism and ensure that our products are handled, stored, and transported in a safe and secure manner, maintaining their integrity and efficacy throughout the supply chain.

Order medicines online from the convenience of your home via HCAH Consumer App.

Avail PAP schemes by uploading relevant invoices directly in the App.

OTP based order delivery to ensure there is no leakage of drug.


HCAH meets certified industry standards, providing assurance of our high-quality development and reducing audit costs for customers


In line with latest ISO standards to ensure the safety of your data.


Audit log maintenance using data tracking, import, retention, deletion and modification.

Data Security

From logging in to KYC, we insure that all key processes are validated using OTP based authentication.

Our Distribution Capabilities

Distributing in 20k+ pin codes

Robust Tech backing supply chain

Required ideal ambience for storage

Cold chain integrity throughout the supply chain

We are compliant with major product and security standards

HCAH meets certified industry standards, providing assurance and reducing audit costs for customers

HCAH is an ISMS (Information Security Management System - ISO 27001) certified organization since 2017

HCAH is India’s first accredited healthcare provider awarded with ‘Mark of sustained quality’ by QAI

Our experience in therapies

HCAH offers various therapies for patients

HCAH offers various therapies for patients

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