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Nursing Care after surgery

Post-Operative Care is the specialized care provided to a patient who has recently undergone a surgery

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Key Components of Post-Operative Nursing Care

A specialized care plan for patients who have recently undergone surgery and need assistance to recover completely before returning to normal life

Pain Management
Infection Control
Psychology and Emotional Wellbeing
Nutrition and Swallow Therapy
Wound/Incision Care
Balance and Mobility
Bed mobility and Transfers training
Wheelchair Mobility

Early Mobility & Strength Training

Continuos monitoring

Family Support & Inclusion

Prevent complications

Improved overall quality of life

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Primary Steps of Recovery from Operative Surgery

Continuity of post-operative care in a high-quality setting is very important to fully recover from the effects of surgery

An analysis is done to understand the existing condition, assess the risks, and predict a prognosis

Objectives are set based onmutually agreeable goals. The family can closely interact with the physician to drive the care plan

The care plan is driven by a combination of different specialties including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, skilled nursing, medical nutrition, emotional coaching

The care plan is constantly monitored to evaluate the improvement and to rule out any complications

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With you, at every step of the way

With you, at every step of the way

Multidisciplinary team of 900+ specialists including doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, dieticians & psychologists.

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Overall rating

Never experienced such high quality care before


My wife had a stroke at the age of 49. After Surgery, we were referred to HCAH Transition Care Center. My wife was practically bedridden with multiple tubes running through her. But her recovery at HCAH began on day one. Their multidisciplinary staff...
is very experienced, well trained, and well mannered. They made us feel that we were a family and addressed all our anxieties. I have never experienced such high quality care before. My wife has now recovered, free of all the tubes, and can do her daily activities by herself. Thank you HCAH!

Amish Tripathi, 49

Very responsive to all our needs and requirements


We had a caregiver from HCAH for my 85-year-old Dad to help him recover from back surgery. He was very alert, optimistic, experienced, and he kept building my old dad's hope to recover. He was very interactive and provided me regular updates with Dad...
's videos and pictures. He ensured that dad had weekly sessions with the doctor on video call. His dedication and care made my dad free of all catheters, feeding tubes by the end of 2 months. I feel that he was the best friend my dad needed at that stage.

Prakash Kukreja, 56

Comfortable as well as advanced


My husband was admitted to Transition Care Center after a major surgery. Their amazing team of doctors conducted regular assessments. All the specialized therapists and nurses were very kind and attended to the patients' needs on time. The center was...
comfortable as well as advanced and equipped with the best possible rehab facilities. We are lucky to hace chosen HCAH. My husband is now healthy again.

Anita, 52


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Frequently Asked Questions

The key components of our post operative nursing care program are:

  • Prevention of post-operative complications
  • Wound/incision care
  • Pain management
  • Medical Monitoring
  • Early mobility
  • Nutrition therapy
  • Emotional wellbeing

Post Operative care is the specialized care provided to patients who have recently undergone surgery and need time and assistance to completely recover from the effects of surgery before they return to normal life

Our certified and experienced nursing staff provides hospital-like post-operative care at home:

  • Intensivist nursing
  • Palliative care
  • Rehabilitation nursing
  • Chemotherapy nursing
  • Administering oral medications on time
  • Drug administration and Infusions (Ryle Tube, Catheter)
  • Wound dressing
  • stitch removal and drain care
  • Bedsore care
  • ambulation and DVT prophylaxis
  • Assistance with activities of daily living
  • General nursing -diet monitoring
  • physiotherapy
  • pain management along with family education and counselling

The objective of treatment at the hospital is to save your life. You are discharged from the hospital once you are medically stable.
The objective of the HCAH care center is to rebuild the physical, functional, and cognitive abilities you've lost during the condition and in the surgical process so that you can return to normal life. When you are discharged from the HCAH care center, you are not just medically stable, you are physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy.

HCAH follows well-defined clinical protocols at par with hospital standards. Our experienced, certified, and registered professionals are regularly trained to provide personalized care while following stringent and standardized infection prevention and control policies.

A family member or the primary caregiver is always educated to play an active role in the recovery plan. The objectives of the treatment are confirmed and driven by the family's agreement. The physician closely interacts with the family throughout the care plan and trains them to handle any special needs of the patient at home after discharge.

A team of experienced professionals including doctors, physiotherapists, skilled nurses, nutritionists, and psychologists works together seamlessly to holistically improve the health of the patient recovering from surgery. The emotional health of the patient is given paramount importance when it comes to recovery from surgeries which is emphasized by the fact that emotional health directly impacts the physical recovery of the patients.

Our post operative care program has helped thousands of patients in returning to normal life after recovering from surgery.

We have a comprehensive approach that covers every possible aspect of recovery:

  • Restoration of lost balance and strength
  • Rebuilding speech and cognitive functions
  • Prevention of recurrences and complications
  • Improvement in balance, mobility, and early ambulation
  • Optimum nutrition and swallow therapy
  • Wheelchair mobility and training
  • Psychology and emotional well being
  • Assistance with activities of daily living
  • Infection control

Our post operative rehab patients are monitored 24x7 with timely assessment of risk factors. We continuously evaluate the performance indicators and keep altering the program to suit the individual requirements. Our comprehensive strategies enable us to keep track of every aspect of recovery and ensure prevention of complications.

HCAH post operative care is suitable for patients recovering from any kind of surgery, provided they are medically stable after the completion of the surgical procedure. Most of our patients are recovering from: Knee/hip surgery, Heart Valve Surgery, Heart Bypass Surgery, Stroke, Peripheral Nerve Surgery, Spinal Decompression, Bone Marrow Transplant, Kidney Transplant, Liver Transplant, Gall Bladder Surgery, Breast Cancer, Brain Tumor, Chemotherapy, and more