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Key Components of Post-Stroke Recovery

Our Multidisciplinary approach helps in restoring the lost strength, balance, speech, mental functions, and improves the quality of life post-stroke

Strength Training
Cognitive Training
Occupational Therapy
DVT Prevention
Pressure Ulcer Prevention
Infection Control
Nutrition and Swallow Therapy
Psychology and Emotional Wellbeing
Early mobility & balance training

Restore lost strength & balance

Rebuild speech & cognitive functions

Prevent recurrences & complications

Improved overall quality of life

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Primary Steps of Post-Stroke Rehabilitation

The Primary steps of Post-Stroke rehabilitation need to be initiated within the first 90 days

The recovery prognosis is made as per the type, location, and severity of Stroke

A personalized care plan is presented to the family to set realistic goals for enhanced recovery

Each patient’s care plan is customized as per the individual’s condition for the best possible results

The individual and their family are motivated to ensure the continuity of care as per the requirement

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With you, at every step of the way

With you, at every step of the way

Multidisciplinary team of 900+ specialists including doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, dieticians & psychologists.

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Now my husband can walk again


We brought my husband to HCAH Transition Care Center after discharge from the hospital. He was immobile after the stroke attack. After coming here, the team of doctors gave him the best possible care and good physiotherapy. It is almost magic that no...

Manisha Varma, 46

Very professional and helpful staff


We were referred to HCAH by a top neurosurgeon. Right from the first day, each staff member has been highly professional and helpful. They attended to every need of my father at all times. The doctors were very helpful and patiently explained the tre...

Deekshitulu, 39

Unmatchable care services at home!


I appreciate the excellent and professional care provided by HCAH's multidisciplinary team in the comfort of our home. Their staff has been very instrumental in helping my mother recover from Stroke. They have empathy for my mother and handle her wit...

Vaibhav Kumar, 42


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Frequently Asked Questions

Recovery time after a stroke is different for everyone. It can take weeks, months, or even years depending on the severity and type of stroke. Although, many of our patients have experienced a quick recovery within three months.

Yes. Our care plan includes regular monitoring, re-evaluations, and personalized goal-setting so that every aspect of recovery is assessed and any risk factors are recognized early.

Yes. HCAH can supply all required medications on time and at your convenience. Our multidisciplinary stroke rehab team ensures timely administration of all kinds of medications, be it at home or at our care center

HCAH is the leading care partner for stroke rehabilitation in India. We aim at the restoration of strength, mobility, and functional independence with task-specific training and prevention of complications. HCAH runs a dedicated stroke helpline for prompt action.

Our Stroke recovery program includes 24x7 supervision and care by a multidisciplinary team including specialized doctors, skilled nursing care, an experienced and specialized therapy team, personalized and therapeutic diets directed by dieticians, and emotional wellness addressed by a clinical psychologist.

We recognize the role of the family's participation and emotional support in the process of recovery. We empower the family so that they are fully prepared to handle the special requirements of the patient at home.

Our multidisciplinary team conducts a baseline evaluation and prepares a personalized care plan. The goal setting is presented and agreed with the family to set realistic and mutually agreeable goals for enhanced recovery.

Our multidisciplinary stroke rehab team rigorously monitors the performance indicators to streamline the path for recovery and modify the treatment plan according to the progress. The effects of stroke are different for every individual. Each care plan is customized according to the individual's requirement for efficient recovery.

Our Stroke care program helps in recovering from all types of stroke. We have treated patients recovering from hemorrhagic strokes as well as ischemic strokes.

You can approach HCAH while undergoing treatment at the hospital so that the decision on stroke rehab can be considered by the primary consultant and the family. An early decision (within the first 90 days) can help in a smooth transition from the hospital.

Yes. Our expert will assess the severity of your condition and suggest what suits best for your specific needs: Stroke Care program at home or at the HCAH care center

  • Early, effective, and empowering stroke rehab services
  • Personalized care plan
  • Experienced multidisciplinary team
  • Infection control and quality care
  • Involvement of the family
  • State-of-the-art rehab equipment
  • Home-like environment

Recover from Stroke

Stroke is not the end of life. HCAH Stroke rehabilitation helps in rebuilding the life and abilities of Stroke survivors. Our rehabilitation practices include neurological rehabilitation, physiotherapy, respiratory therapy, long term acute care (LTAC), occupational therapy, speech and swallow therapy, psychological support...Read More

Recover from Stroke

Stroke is not the end of life. HCAH Stroke rehabilitation helps in rebuilding the life and abilities of Stroke survivors. Our rehabilitation practices include neurological rehabilitation, physiotherapy, respiratory therapy, long term acute care (LTAC), occupational therapy, speech and swallow therapy, psychological support, skilled nursing, nutrition therapy, and integrative care.

Our commendable specialists, personalized approach, and high-end infrastructure aim to help you and your family return to normal life.

Benefits Of Brain Stroke Rehabilitation Center

  • Ability to live a normal life
  • Reduced financial burden of disability
  • Emotional wellness for patient & family
  • Return to professional life

Top Locations

We understand the importance of accessibility to our services, which is why we have multiple centers across Kolkata. Our top location at 1843 Chak Garia, D - 53 Sammilani Park, Kolkata is equipped with advanced medical equipment and experienced professionals to offer the best care to our patients.

Why Brain Stroke Rehabilitation Center?

In one moment, Stroke changes the way you live. 9 out of 10 Stroke survivors suffer from paralysis. In many cases, such paralysis is permanent. But there is hope. It is possible to recover from paralysis attack if stroke rehabilitation is started within the first 90 days after Stroke.

During this 90-day Golden period, the brain is more neuroplastic. Which means, it has more ability to repair, relearn, adjust, and return to normal state at a faster pace.

As soon as your primary doctor confirms medical stability, Holistic Stroke Rehabilitation can be initiated to rebuild what you’ve lost and give you back the ability to live freely.

What can Brain Stroke Rehabilitation Achieve?

HCAH has achieved many amazing Stroke recovery stories through Multidisciplinary rehabilitation care and World Class equipment in a comfortable and esthetic setting. Our Stroke rehabilitation plans are always personalized and serve the following objectives:
  • Reversing paralysis attack
  • Restoring muscle strength & balance
  • Rebuilding memory & communication
  • Preventing second stroke & complications
  • Relearning daily life activities
  • Emotional health for patient and their family

How Stroke Rehabilitation Retrains the Brain?

Through the combination and coordination of multidisciplinary expertise and advanced rehabilitation equipment, we can help you reduce paralysis attack recovery time and return to normal life after Stroke. Our rehabilitation plans are personalized and mutually agreed with the patient and their family.

Neuro Rehabilitation

Our renowned and experienced Neuro physiotherapy specialists design and implement customized treatment for neurological recovery after stroke and in brain hemorrhage patient.

This can help:
  • Regain lost functions
  • Relearn the ability to walk
  • Effective pain relief
  • Improve strength and balance
  • Rebuild independence

    Physiotherapy and Physiatry

    Our team of expert Physiotherapists and Physiatrists deliver the best quality physiotherapy through advanced rehabilitation equipment in designated state-of-the-art Stroke rehabilitation area.

    This can help:

    • Bedridden patients gain mobility
    • Rebuild muscle strength & coordination
    • Manage long-term pain
    • Regain lost movement faster

    Occupational Therapy

    Our protocol-driven Occupational therapy can restore your ability to perform daily life activities after paralysis attack treatment. Restoring daily life activities after Stroke like eating, bathing, toileting, cooking can make brain hemorrhage patient capable of living independently again.

    This can help:
    • Regain lost abilities
    • Relearn activities of daily living
    • Retrain cognitive brain
    • Empower to live normally with disability

    Respiratory Therapy

    Severe brain stroke rehabilitation patient on tracheostomy or with accompanying respiratory illness can benefit from tracheostomy care, chest physiotherapy, effective breathing exercises, and counselling.

    This can help:
    • Return to normal breathing
    • Learn breathing exercises
    • Reduce chance of infection or complications
    • Maintaining constant supervision

    Speech and Swallow Therapy

    4 out of 10 Stroke survivors lose the ability to speak, understand communication, and swallow. Dedicated Speech and swallow therapy can help rebuild these crucial functions for living a normal life.

    This can help:
    • Relearn communication abilities
    • Rebuild lost cognitive function
    • Regain swallowing function
    • Rebuild confidence & self esteem

    Nursing Support and Medical Supervision

    Our skilled, supportive, and encouraging nurses are directed by experienced medical supervisors and deliver timely medication, care for ulcers, repositioning in bed, and incessant optimism to make your recovery journey smooth and comfortable.

    This can help:
    • 24x7 medical monitoring
    • Hospital-standard specialty care
    • Emergency support
    • Emotional wellbeing

    Psychological Support

    Emotional recovery from a traumatic experience like Stroke is as important as physical recovery. Our designated psychologists offer psychological counseling to patients and their family through individual and group therapy sessions.

    This can help:
    • Stress management
    • Build back confidence
    • Inculcating motivation
    • Gain emotional resilience

    Nutrition Therapy

    Our in-house dietitians ensure personalized, healthy, and balanced nutrition to aid fast and effective stroke rehabilitation through nutritional counseling and personalized diet plans.

    This can help:
    • Reduce paralysis attack recovery time
    • Rebuild strength and immunity
    • Learn better dietary habits
    • Improve quality of life

    Integrative Therapy

    Our ayurveda physicians and spa therapists can help you in rebuilding a good lifestyle. Stress relief therapy, yoga, ayurvedic medicine, naturopathic medicine, and timely recreation ensure that the brain hemorrhage patient doesn’t have to wait to enjoy life again.

    This can help:
    • Rebuild immunity
    • Lifestyle evaluation
    • Disease-specific lifestyle modification
    • Relaxation & recreation

    Why Choose to Recover at HCAH Stroke Rehabilitation Center?

    • Early initiation of Stroke rehabilitation
    • Consultation with primary neurologist
    • Proven reduction in paralysis attack recovery time
    • Holistic care and rehabilitation practices
    • Long term acute care (LTAC) facility for critical patients
    • Agreement of the patient and their family at every stage
    • Comfortable and esthetic environment that feels like home
    • Diligent training of patient and their family to return to normal life
    • Advanced rehabilitation practices and technology for best prognosis
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    • Tracheostomy Care
    • Alzheimer’s Care
    • Craniotomy Care
    • Feeding Tube Care
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    • Post Covid-19 Care
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