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Respiratory Therapy for Breathing Disorders

In the realm of inpatient rehabilitation, Respiratory Therapists serve as pivotal team members, collaborating closely with physicians, physiotherapists, and nursing staff.

At HCAH Rehab & Recovery Centres across India, individuals grappling with a tracheostomy or enduring chronic and acute pulmonary conditions benefit from specialised respiratory therapy sessions.

These sessions are integral components of their comprehensive care plans. The respiratory care therapists specialise in therapeutic interventions such as chest physiotherapy and guided breathing exercises. They also play an educational role, instructing patients and their families on post-discharge breathing exercises.

Our dedicated team of in-house respiratory therapists, proficient nurses, and expert physicians are on hand around the clock, ensuring timely and effective care whenever needed. Highly trained to recognize and respond to emergency medical situations, our staff is committed to delivering immediate and competent care to all patients.

Our Speciality

  • Chest Physiotherapy
  • Breathing Exercises
  • Education and Counselling
  • Tracheostomy Care

Chest Physiotherapy

Our seasoned physiotherapists guide you through extensive and impactful chest physiotherapy sessions, leveraging their vast experience in managing respiratory conditions and in pulmonary lung rehabilitation.

Breathing Exercises

As part of our respiratory rehabilitation, we offer specialised breathing exercises aimed at fortifying the auxiliary muscles involved in conscious, effortful breathing, enhancing your respiratory function.

Education and Counselling

We provide invaluable education and counselling to both patients and their families, which is especially important for those who have undergone tracheostomy procedures. This guidance is essential for managing daily routines and ensuring optimal care.

Tracheostomy Care

From daily tube cleaning to prompt suctioning, our comprehensive tracheostomy care services are a cornerstone of the inpatient offerings at HCAH Rehab & Recovery Centres.

HCAH Rehab & Recovery Centres

For those dealing with tracheostomy or chronic and acute lung issues, Respiratory Therapy is a key element in the care plans at HCAH Rehab & Recovery Centres across India. Our in-house team of respiratory therapists, skilled nurses, and physicians are available 24/7, trained to handle emergency medical conditions and committed to providing prompt, effective care.

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