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Recover after Hip/Knee Surgery

Improve strength, endurance, flexibility, and restore mobility

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Key Components of Recovery from Hip/Knee Surgery

A tailored program designed to expedite recovery from hip/knee surgeries, catering to conditions like joint replacements, fractures, arthritis, sports-related injuries, and degenerative joint ailments.

Strength Training
General Rehab Principles
Promoting Functional Independence
Gait, Balance, and Mobility
Pain Management
Psychology and Emotional Wellbeing
Nutritional Counselling
Assistive Devices
Nurturing Confidence

Restoring lost strength & balance

Continuous monitoring

Relearning simple activities

Prevent complications

Improved overall quality of life

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Primary Steps of recovery from Hip/Knee Surgery

Early identification of post-surgical symptoms and the prompt initiation of orthopedic rehabilitation are crucial to harness the full potential of a hip/knee surgical intervention.

A comprehensive evaluation is undertaken to gauge the patient's current health status, pinpoint potential risks, and formulate a recovery outlook.

Recovery milestones are collaboratively established, ensuring alignment with the patient's aspirations and the family's expectations, fostering a tailored care approach.

The recovery strategy amalgamates expertise from diverse medical fields, encompassing physiotherapy, occupational therapy, advanced nursing, nutritional guidance, and emotional support.

Continuous oversight ensures real-time assessment of the patient's progress, promptly identifying and addressing potential complications.

Why is Rehab Essential after Hip/Knee Surgery?

Post hip/knee surgery, intensive therapy is pivotal to mitigate surgical discomfort and fortify the weight-bearing leg muscles.

Following hip/knee surgeries, vigilance is required to monitor potential complications, such as fluid accumulation, inflammation, or skin irritations around the surgical site.

Post-surgery, muscles around the surgical site may become rigid. Rehabilitation helps restore their natural functionality.

Post-surgery, patients often need guidance in relearning basic tasks like stair climbing, dressing, or restroom use. Therapeutic assistance ensures they regain independence in these activities. Proper gait retraining is also vital to prevent future complications.

Optimal recovery post hip/knee surgery often necessitates dietary adjustments. Rehab facilities offer expert dietitians who educate patients on the significance of balanced and nutritious meals.

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3 steps for getting the best recovery plan

During the crucial initial 90-day "Golden Period" following a stroke, it is imperative to take primary steps towards rehabilitation care




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With you, at every step of the way

With you, at every step of the way

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Happy patients share their kind words and experiences.

Overall rating

My mother can now walk without support


My mother underwent a total knee replacement and couldn't stand, straighten her knees or walk without support. Then we got to know about HCAH and they assigned a multidisciplinary team for rehabilitation at home. Now my mother can move her legs on he...
r own and walk straight without any support. We are really happy with HCAH.

Meena Thakur, 33

Takes care of my grandma as their own


My grandma hasn't been able to walk on her own since her femur replacement surgery. The multidisciplinary team of HCAH's Ortho rehab at home has helped her gloriously recover in merely three months. There is an expert to deal with every kind of issue...
my grandma faces. All the staff members are very patient and well coordinated. We are very thankful to all the specialist doctors and therapists for ensuring this recovery for her.

Dr. Niharika Talim, 27

World Class equipment for faster recovery


HCAH has World Class equipment for faster recovery. There are motorized tilt tables, suspension couches, and a well-proven immobility to mobility model of physiotherapy for the best possible recovery you can experience in India. The physiotherapists ...
are very cheerful and give all positivity to the patients to recover soon. My Mom was admitted because she wasn't able to walk and shoe could walk again within a short period. The doctors are always available and visit the patients often.

Sowmya Raj, 32
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Spine and Ortho Care Center - Best Orthopedic Specialist

When it comes to excellent and comprehensive bone and joint care, look no further than HCAH. With a dedicated team of orthopedic specialists, we deliver personalized and effective...Read More

Spine and Ortho Care Center - Best Orthopedic Specialist

When it comes to excellent and comprehensive bone and joint care, look no further than HCAH. With a dedicated team of orthopedic specialists, we deliver personalized and effective treatment plans for various musculoskeletal conditions.

What Is Orthopedic Care?

Orthopedic care specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and rehabilitation of injuries, disorders, and diseases of the body's musculoskeletal system. This system includes bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, nerves, and tendons. At HCAH, we offer advanced orthopedic care, ensuring you can live a pain-free and active life.

Our Offerings in Orthopedic Care

HCAH is your trusted orthopedic care provider, offering a range of services from orthopedic physical therapy to surgical interventions. Whether you require a specialist for your back pain or need a dedicated ortho physician for sports injuries, our experts are readily available.

We excel at delivering advanced orthopedic and spine care for various conditions, such as osteoarthritis, spinal disorders, sports injuries, and fractures. Furthermore, we specialize in post-operative nursing care for orthopedic patients to ensure a quick and smooth recovery.

When to See an Orthopedic Specialist?

Seeing an orthopedic physician becomes necessary when you experience chronic pain, discomfort, or limited mobility due to a musculoskeletal condition. If you have persistent back, knee, hip, shoulder pain, or suffered a sports-related injury, it's time to search for an orthopedic physician near you.

Recover Faster After Hip/Knee Surgery With Best Spine and Ortho Care

At HCAH, we believe that recovery plays an essential role in successful orthopedic treatment. Our ortho patient care team, consisting of ortho sport & spine physicians, physiotherapists, and nurses, works together to ensure a quick recovery after hip/knee surgery.

Our unique spine and ortho care approach is aimed at reducing post-operative complications and helping patients regain their mobility and independence sooner. We provide bone and joint care that not only heals but also strengthens the body.

Why HCAH For Best Orthopedic Specialist & Facility?

When it comes to providing orthocare near you, HCAH stands out with its team of highly skilled and experienced orthopedic specialists. Our orthopedic specialist team uses state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and the latest treatment techniques to deliver the highest standard of care.

At HCAH, we don't just offer treatments; we provide a complete care package that also includes continuous monitoring and follow-up care. From consultation to treatment to post-treatment care, trust HCAH as your perfect partner on your journey towards a healthier and pain-free life. Get in touch with us today for more information about our offerings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our systematic rehabilitation program can help in keeping a check on comorbidities while providing full pain relief and empowered recovery.
Some of our patients have completely recovered within three to four months.

The timespan of recovery may be prolonged by other contributing factors:

  • Inadequate initial rehabilitation
  • Infection
  • Complications like spontaneous Osteonecrosis
  • Joint Arthritis
  • Inflammation and Swelling

Orthopedic rehabilitation is a specialized program designed for individuals suffering from musculoskeletal ailments to improve strength, endurance, flexibility, and restore mobility and independence.

HCAH offers inimitable benefits in the orthopedic care program:

  • Trained and experienced multidisciplinary team comprising of doctors, therapists, and nurses
  • 24x7 monitoring and supervision
  • Availability of the best-in-class mechanical aids for a speedy recovery
  • World-class state-of-the-art equipment
  • Better management of comorbidities
  • Improvement in physical, functional, and emotional well being
  • Timely health checkups, lab tests, and risk assessment, as required
  • Specialized diet plan for better immunity and overall health
  • Occupational therapy to enhance the performance of everyday activities
  • Improvement in self-esteem, confidence, and quality of life
  • Safety and preventive measures

Orthopedic injuries, surgeries, and illnesses could interfere with the functioning of the musculoskeletal system (comprising of muscles, bones, cartilages, joints, etc) and limit movement and locomotion.

Specific conditions that require orthopedic rehabilitation are:

  • Hip or knee replacement surgeries
  • Fractures
  • Arthritis
  • Sports injuries
  • Degenerative joint diseases

Our orthopedic rehab patients are monitored 24x7 with a timely assessment of risk factors. We continuously evaluate the performance indicators and keep altering the program to suit the individual requirements. Our comprehensive strategies enable us to keep track of every aspect of recovery and ensure the prevention of complications.

We recognize that the impairment of functional abilities can inflict significant trauma on an individual. We ensure the active involvement of family members and guided individual and group therapy sessions with experienced psychologists. Furthermore, our care centers have a motivating and sustaining environment, regular recreational and activity therapy sessions, and the prevalence of an empowering attitude that helps in accelerated and holistic recovery.

After hip or knee replacement surgery, significant therapy is needed to ease the pain of the surgery and to train the muscles of that leg to bear that weight. Muscles often stiffen due to the trauma of the surgery and must be conditioned back to normal life. Our intensive 360-degree approach aims at rebuilding your muscle tone, strength, endurance, flexibility, and mobility while providing adequate pain relief.

Our recovery program helps in retraining the patient in simple self-sufficient skills like learning to climb the stairs, move on ramps, dress up, and use the toilet. Regaining proper technique is as important as relearning how to walk. Starting to walk improperly after the sugery can have detrimental outcomes in the future.
With the help of constrained exercises, traction training, a range of motion therapy exercises, state-of-the-art equipment, and an experienced multidisciplinary team, we ensure the rebuilding of your muscle tone, strength, endurance, flexibility, and mobility to help you return to normal life.

Orthopedic rehabilitation is a specialized program designed to restore function, improve mobility, and alleviate pain in patients who have undergone orthopedic surgery or have musculoskeletal conditions or injuries.

Techniques in orthopedic rehabilitation include:

  • Physical Therapy: Exercises to improve strength, flexibility, and balance.
  • Occupational Therapy: Training to perform daily activities.
  • Manual Therapy: Hands-on techniques to improve joint and soft tissue mobility.
  • Pain Management: Modalities like heat, cold, ultrasound, or electrical stimulation.
  • Aquatic Therapy: Exercises in water to reduce stress on joints.
  • Gait Training: Techniques to improve walking and mobility.
  • Joint Mobilization: Techniques to restore joint function.

Orthopedic rehab is vital because it aids in the recovery from orthopedic surgeries, injuries, or conditions. It helps restore function, improve mobility, reduce pain, prevent complications, and enhance the overall quality of life. Through tailored exercises and therapies, patients can achieve optimal physical recovery and return to their daily activities more efficiently.

The purpose of rehabilitation is to help individuals regain lost functions, enhance their quality of life, and achieve the highest level of independence after an injury, illness, or medical procedure. It addresses physical, cognitive, and emotional challenges, aiming to restore abilities and improve overall well-being.