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Key Components of Post COVID-19 Care Plan

Our comprehensive rehab plan can prevent prolonged respiratory, physical, mental, and functional complications in COVID-19 survivors.

Medical Supervision
Respiratory Therapy & Techniques
Nutrition and Diet Therapy
Psychology and Emotional Wellbeing
Home & family preparation
Infection Control
Cognitive Training
Strength Training
Functional Recovery

Constant Medical Supervision

Management of chronic diseases

Prevention of complications

Improved overall quality of life

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Who Needs COVID-19 Recovery & Rehabilitation Care?

  • Patients discharged from hospital after recovery from severe COVID-19
  • COVID-19 patients who still have symptoms of fatigue, anxiety, depression and dysphagia
  • COVID-19 patients with accompanying health conditions like obesity, hypertension, diabetes, heart, or lung disease

Holistic COVID-19 Rehab by HCAH

A comprehensive rehab plan can prevent prolonged respiratory, physical, mental, and functional complications in COVID-19 survivors.

Medical monitoring, required lab tests, and prescribed medication by specialist doctors

Skilled and experienced nurses for tracheotomy care, nasogastric tube feeding, and other forms of care as required

Respiratory Therapy, Physiotherapy, Nutrition Therapy, Strength Training, and other assisted interventions as required

We have doctors and respiratory therapists available 24×7 for monitoring the COVID-19 patients

Personalized counselling & coping techniques through guided sessions with a psychologist to address the emotional wellbeing & daily living

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3 steps for getting the best recovery plan

During the crucial initial 90-day "Golden Period" following a stroke, it is imperative to take primary steps towards rehabilitation care




Why consider Rehab after recovering from COVID-19?

Long-term complications in the lungs could get worse in a significant number of COVID-19 patients. Some such issues are alterations of the lung tissue, vascular thickening, bronchiectasis etc.

There is a high incidence of ICU-acquired emotional weakness and cognitive impairment in COVID-19 patients. Mood disorders including depression and post-traumatic stress disorder have been noticed in COVID-19 patients

COVID-19 survivors are more prone to movement-related fatigue. Even those who did not go to a critical state experience loss of physical energy.

To address the persisting limitations in respiratory function and normal gas exchange in the lungs

Those with accompanying chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease have a higher risk of developing complications and need special attention

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With you, at every step of the way

With you, at every step of the way

Multidisciplinary team of 900+ specialists including doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, dieticians & psychologists.

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Hear from the Healed

Happy patients share their kind words and experiences.

Overall rating

Extreme hygeine and safety measures


My brother-in-law was completely bedridden because of COVID-19 complications. We are glad we came to HCAH Transition Care Center. The nurses followed extreme hygeine and safety measures in taking care of the tracheostomy. The rehab team of HCAH is hi...
ghly qualified, experienced, and well trained to handle critical patients. My brother-in-law has now recovered within 15 days of staying in this optimistic and nourishing environment. He came on a wheelchair, now he is walking back home. Thank you for giving such high quality services at such affordable prices.

Sauwik, 31

Motivational multidisciplinary team


We are very pleased with all the aspects of the treatment plan. HCAH TCC has good room infranstructure, very well equipped and advanced physiotherapy station, and specialized experts to address every possible concern of the patient. The specialist do...
ctors, respiratory therapist, physiotherapist, nutritionist, and the nurses visited us regularly to assess the improvement and design the care plan accordingly. I think my father is well again because of the unprecedented efforts of HCAH's motivational multidiciplinary team.

Deepak Matha, 25

Better after just two weeks of physiotherapy and respiratory therapy


HCAH provided physiotherapy and respiratory therapy at home to my father recovering from COVID-19. He had lost quite a lot of weight and was not able to stand on his own. Just after two weeks of therapy, he is in a better position and can walk on his...
own. His strength has returned and his lungs are also recovering. I am highly impressed by the safety protocols strenuously followed on their home visits. We are very thankful to the experienced therapists of HCAH for making this recovery possible. HCAH is really inspiring!

Sonika Chauhan, 35
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Frequently Asked Questions

To enable comprehensive recovery and to prevent complications, post-COVID-19 patients are given constant medical supervision. Our multidisciplinary team pays round-the-clock attention through regular monitoring of vitals, essential lab tests, and prescribed medication as and when required.
Our respiratory therapist helps with specialized breathing techniques to improve lung capacity and prevent further complications.

Our specially trained nurses are skilled in providing tracheostomy care, nasogastric tube feeding, and other forms of expert care as required.

A family member or the primary caregiver is always educated to play an active role in the recovery plan. The objectives of the treatment are confirmed and driven by the family's agreement. The physician closely interacts with the family throughout the care plan and trains them to handle any special needs of the patient at home after discharge. The family is prepared for better management of the disease and its prevention in the future.

Yes. Our expert will assess the severity of your condition and suggest what would work best for your needs: COVID-19 care at home or the HCAH care center.

Our multidisciplinary team includes specialized doctors, respiratory therapists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, nutritionists, skilled nurses, and certified caregivers.

Yes. HCAH has a dedicated team for 24x7 care of tracheostomy patients:

  • A respiratory therapist monitors the tracheostomy patients and the nursing team
  • We have specially trained, experienced, and skilled nurses for the expert management of tracheostomy cases
  • A specialist doctor is available 24x7
  • We have single occupancy, A.C. rooms to prevent cross infection
  • HCAH adheres to hospital-like infection control policies and standards.

There are only a few indications in which COVID-19 patients are intubated with a tracheostomy tube. The most common such conditions are Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, followed by failure to wean off ventilator support, and post-extracorporeal membrane oxygenation decannulation.
Source: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32541213/

Prolonged COVID-19 has a direct impact on the mental health of the patient and their family members. There is a high incidence of ICU-related physical and emotional weakness. Survivors of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrom (ARDS) have shown cognitive impairment upon hospital discharge. Mental illness in COVID-19 patients may present as mood deterioration, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder.
HCAH offers personalized counseling & coping techniques under the guidance of experienced psychologists to address the mental and emotional well-being of our patients. The recovery is also focused on health and lifestyle education to improve their overall quality of daily life.

Survivors of COVID-19 are more prone to movement-related fatigue, similar to patients of acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). COVID-19 patients who did not go to critical state report movement-related fatigue as well. Expert physiotherapy can address this fatigue and bring back your lost physical strength.

HCAH follows well-defined clinical protocols at par with hospital standards. Our experienced and certified staff is regularly trained to provide personalized care while following standardized infection prevention and control policies.