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Step into a world of possibilities at HCAH, where our occupational therapy services cater to every stage of life, from the earliest years of childhood to the golden years of adulthood.

Our team specializes in addressing a wide range of developmental, physical, and cognitive challenges, helping each client reach their full potential in daily activities and participation. Whether it's supporting children with sensory processing difficulties, assisting adults in regaining independence after injury or illness, or providing interventions for seniors to age gracefully, we're here to foster growth, independence, and improved quality of life across the lifespan.

Explore our services and discover how occupational therapy can unlock new possibilities for you and your loved ones.

Get Occupational Therapy for Conditions like: Stroke, Trauma, etc.

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Neurological Disorders
Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury, Multiple Sclerosis
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Paediatric Conditions
Cerebral Palsy, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down Syndrome, Developmental Delays
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Musculoskeletal Injuries
Fractures, Sprains, Strains, Hand and Upper Extremity Injuries
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Chronic Pain Management
Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, CRPS
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Geriatric Care
Falls Prevention, Dementia, Osteoporosis
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Mental Health Conditions
Anxiety, Depression, PTSD
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Work-related Injuries
Repetitive Strain Injuries, Work-related Stress

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Dr. Aastik Bhatt
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medical iconSpecialist in Neuro Rehabilitation and Interventional Pain Management

Why Choose HCAH for Occupational Therapy?

Your treatment at hospital makes you stable, complete recovery takes comprehensive care

No. 1 Transition Care

India’s First Dedicated Transition Care Chain for Neurology, Cardiology, Oncology and Healthy Ageing.

Expert Team

Our all-inclusive personalized packages enable total transparency and assurance of no hidden costs.

Holistic Recovery

All-inclusive & integrative rehabilitation for your physical and emotional well being

Protocol-Driven Approach

Highly trained and experienced professionals who are specialized in rehab care.

Home-Like Environment

A very homely atmosphere with informal spaces which adds to your comfort levels.

Personalized Attention

We help and support you to get back to the highest level of recovery possible while you are at our facility.

Hear from the Healed

Happy patients share their kind words and experiences.

Overall rating

Relentless and dedicated multidisciplinary team


HCAH helped my relative recover within a few months after his accident. I would like to thank the multidisciplinary team for their relentless efforts and dedicated coordination. Thanks to the readily available doctors, the physiotherapy team, the psy...
chologist, the speech and swallow therapist, and the dietician. Everyone was very kind. They gently guided us and always updated us on his progress. He was very demotivated when he had first arrived. He was not able to walk or eat. But now he is eating, walking, and sounding like himself again. I am very delighted with the experience of seeing him get better. The room provided to us was very clean. I am very happy with the overall recovery experience in HCAH.

Saravanan, 33

Faster recovery, Much cheaper than hospital


Physiotherapy at HCAH Transition Care Center is excellent and this is one of the finest physiotherapy centers in Hyderabad. The doctors are available 24/7. All the staff members are hard working and go beyond to help the patient recover. Their packag...
es are also very affordable. My uncle was admitted here with a spine injury. His condition was very concerning at the time of admission. He was not able to move his legs of even move in bed. Now after 4 months of physiotherapy, he can walk with a little help. The HCAH staff is very friendly and cooperative, the rooms are well maintained, and every possible help is provided.

Aaron Rajesh, 46

Advanced Rehab equipment available only at HCAH


My cousin was admitted to HCAH for a spinal injury. On admission, he was on tracheostomy and RT tubes and was not able to walk but now he is eating by himself and walking with support. This has all been possible because of the amazing physiotherapy t...
eam and the highest quality equipment that is available only at HCAH. I would like to thank them for their aggressive and consistent treatment. And for world class facilities like the tilt table, anti-gravity table to ensure a speedy recovery. I strongly recommend HCAH as the best Rehab center in Bangalore.

Kummara Manohar, 50
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Revitalize Your Life with Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy at HCAH Rehab & Recovery Centers is more than a rehabilitation program; it's a life-changing journey aimed at restoring independence and enhancing your daily life activities.........Read More

Revitalize Your Life with Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy at HCAH Rehab & Recovery Centers is more than a rehabilitation program; it's a life-changing journey aimed at restoring independence and enhancing your daily life activities.

Whether you're recovering from a severe injury, a long-term illness, or grappling with cognitive or physical challenges, our primary mission is to guide you back to a fulfilling life.

Our seasoned occupational therapists are your recovery partners. They specialize in helping individuals recover from brain injuries, strokes, or significant medical conditions through occupational therapy treatment.

The cornerstone of our approach is holistic care. This begins with a comprehensive evaluation of not just your medical history, but also your vocational, social, and emotional landscape. This 360-degree view enables us to tailor an occupational therapy program that aligns with your unique needs.

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