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Want to Recover Fast?

Check your Recovery Score to get an Estimated Recovery Time, Care Intensity and a Recovery Roadmap.

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What is a Recovery Score?

It is HCAH's Unique score on a scale of 0-100 to determine current condition and intensity of care required.

Based on the Recovery Score, you get-

Recovery Roadmap
Estimated Recovery Time

What is a Recovery Roadmap?

Recovery Roadmap is a personalized care plan that shows possible recovery milestones that can be achieved on the path to recovery.

Day 21
Day 21Day 21
Urinary bag removed and able to go to wash room
Day 5
Day 5Day 5
Off the oxygen support
Day 15
Day 15Day 15
Start feed orally by mouth
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*Please note that the mentioned milestones are average estimates. The actual milestone recovery plan may vary for each patient and will be determined after conducting a thorough health assessment.